Disable sandboxing for Fullscreen apps?

Is there anyway to disable sandboxing for fullscreen apps like games.??
Even though i add the games to my safe files, they fail to work and i have to permanently deactivate D+.

I dont know if such a feature can be implemented or not as i am not into programming much.

I disabled the sandbox and deleted the global rules allowing all outgoing and blocking all incoming connections. I added Valve to the trusted vendors list and hl2.exe to my safe files and TF2 works perfectly. I also changed the configuration of CIS to Proactive. CIS 4 is working almost the same as 3.14 now except for that fact that it does not create rules for safe apps unless they try to establish an incoming connection. Then I get the alert just like before and it creates a rule allowing incoming for that app.

Thats where the problem lies.
To run a game a person has to mess around with the settings.
A advanced user can do it without a heck but what about average users or even below average users who just wanted to protect their PC ??? They cannot play a game without messing around too much??
Sandbox was built keeping in mind these users right???

Is it Possible to implement an option like :‘DISABLE SANDBOXING FOR FULLSCREEN APPLICATION’??

COMODO Internet Security 4 and Application Incompatibility Problems Reporting :-La


I totally agree with you. We were promised better usability with V4 and Melih even claims that we have gotten it but I don’t see it. If anything it’s worse because even if you put the firewall and D+ in training mode, it still doesn’t work because the sandbox messes it up by sandboxing files even after you put them in your own safe files list. Training mode used to let you get around things like this, now it doesn’t if the sandbox is enabled. I would suggest that Comodo dump v4 and go back to 3.14 and keep improving that.

The default Global Rules changed from being alerted for incoming traffic to a general block like has traditionally been the case with the Proactive Security only. To change that simply run the Stealth Ports Wizard and set to “Alert me to incoming connections - stealth my ports on a per-case basis”.

It’s just a few clicks to be back with the old default behaviour.

Your response has nothing to with the post of mine that you quoted or with the sandbox, but in response to what you said, the simpler thing to do is to delete the stupid block all incoming rule. When you do that, CIS reverts back to the behavior of warning you when an app tries to establish an incoming connection and you have the option to allow or block on a per case basis. There is no need to run the stealth ports wizard.