Disable right-click scan when Parental control is on

Edit: wrote it a bit better, because i got a better idea (or at least, i think i did)

When parental control is on, you can’t start scans from CIS, or make scheduled scans
But you can start scans from the you right-click menu, and if there are any scheduled scans, they will still start.!

I think when parental control is on, the following should happen:

  1. You can’t start scans from the right-click menu. (it’s removed from that menu)
  2. You can’t start scans from CIS (same as now)
    3a. sceduled scans won’t start.
    3b. sceduled scans will start, but you can only see the results, and stop the scan.

Do so we can scan from CIS.
Do so we can scan from the right-click menu. (same as now.)
And let sceduled scans start. (same as now…)

And if CIS finds anything, the user will have to write the Password to Quarantine/remove the threat, or else the the user can only look at the results, and close the screen…
(The password prompt could either be when you go from the scan screen, to the result screen, or when you click on the Quarantine/Remove button.)

Good catch. :-TU

Why can’t you scan from CIS when parental control is on? Just curious about the thought process behind this. Is it so someone (not the password holder) can’t remove/quarantine/ignore any files found in a scan? Because other than that, I can’t think of any reason to disable scan functionality.

Yes, because of the reasons you mentioned above and just because that’s what parental mode is for. Not letting anyone touch/modify ANYTHING in CIS.