Disable notifications for a certain program in Defense+ Events list?

Defense+ has blocked xxx suspicious attemps: Is there any way we can disable notifications on a program? I have a program that is known to be an unsafe messenger program but I still need to use it to talk with my fiancee. It tends to inject into other windows programs like explorer.exe and try to run malware created by svchost.exe. Because of this, I have put the program in the “Limited” predefined security policies and the problem is fixed.

But now I get hundreds of notifications in the Defense+ events. Is there any way to disable notifications for only one program similar to how it works with the firewall?

There are two ways of doing it.

Open CIS-Defense±Advaced - Computer Security Policy

Select it as ‘Trusted Application’. However, this will give the program a free run, which you may not want.

The other solution is

Select the program (using above given path) - Double click on the program

Change the Access Rights according to your wishes.

(This cannot be done when the program has ‘limited application’ status and you will have to change it to custom policy. Now change the programs’ access rights).

Hope this helps