Disable Game Mode before closing CIS

I know there’s a thread about changing the icon while in Game Mode (and I also think it would help), but my problem is a little bit different.
After closing CIS (or shutting down the computer), and restarting it, CIS is still in Game Mode.
I know you can’t implement a Game Mode based on fullscreen Dx10, but it’s useless to keep Game Mode enabled after a reboot. It’s unsafe if the user forget, and there’s no message or icon to remind you that you forgot to change it back.

You should disable Game Mode before closing CIS, it’s safer.


No feedback from Comodo yet, should I fill a bug report?
Because it is a little bit critical to let CIS in game mode while a simple solution would be to disable it when the app is closing.

You should fill a bug report, I dont think that any important person from Comodo read this or any other thing in the wishlist.

ok, done.