Disable Firewall when WLAN disabled

Hey guys,
i´m using the Comodo Firewall 10 (Free Version). I´m looking for a way to disable the Firewall when WLAN is turned off and also to enable Firewall (with own rules) when WLAN is turned on. Sure, i can do it manually, but i hope there is a way to do it automatically. I´m thinking about a little script, batch file or something like that. Maybe also with an if condition to check if any other Lan Connection is established before disabling the Firewall.

Is there a way to do that?

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Hi Scooba,

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i. export: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\CmdAgent\CisConfigs
ii. modify settings
iii. export again
iv. compare

For example,

2 = current config
102 = disabled

thanks for your help!
Somehow on my computer disabling the firewall is “SecurityLevel”=dword:00000002 and own rules is dword:00000004, but it seems to work.
The only thing is, that the tray icon still shows an “active firewall” and the popup box (right click the icon) still shows “own rules”. But when opening the Firewall Settings everything is fine.

Also, i found the cmd commands to disable and enable WiFi Connection:
netsh wlan disconnect interface=“{Connection Name}”
netsh wlan connect interface=“WiFi” name=“{Profile/Network Name}”

With this, i should be able to write a little batch file. So thanks again :wink:

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Glad it helps. :slight_smile: