Disable firewall for a specific exe?

I’m developing a small TCP/IP program… unfortunately, after each compilation the “cryptographic signature” of the file changes, and I get asked wether I want to allow it or not… Is there any way to tell comodo - this application on this path is safe, so don’t check for changes in the file?

I don’t think so, Cynebeald. It’s part of CPF’s security; if an application changes, from a firewall standpoint, this means it may need to be blocked. You can run the Wizard to define a new trusted application, but as soon as it’s changed, I think it’ll still trigger an alert, because it’s technically no longer the same app.

The only thing I know of would be to turn off Application Behaviour Analysis, but then that would stop all its functionality, which would be another security risk.

I know it’s frustrating to keep dealing with the popups. You can change the alert settings in Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous; that may help some. You can lower the frequency level, and change the number of alerts and screen time. You can also watch the alerts to see the reason for it; if it consistently applies to one of the ABA settings, you could uncheck that setting to disable only that aspect of ABA - Security/Advanced/Application Behaviour Analysis.

Another thing that would be good to do, for the future, is to put a suggestion in the wishlist for upcoming versions. Comodo does monitor and use those suggestions… CPF WishList

Hope this helps you out, at least somewhat,