Disable File Sharing for Hotspots?

Hi. I just installed the latest version of Comodo on my laptop and I set up my home network through the trusted zone wizard function. It got me wondering if this leaves me vulnerable to hotspots if the hotspot IP address is in the trusted IP range. If so, I was wondering if there was a quick way to disallow any file sharing for hotspots.

Absolutely. A hotspot is for “public access” and a firewall will only do so much. Encryption along with a good “COMODO” firewall <-----nice plug there huh? is much more secure. I could go on forever, but won’t :wink: here is a link that describes a bit in detail…


It’s a jungle out there, a wireless jungle, where my mother in law roams, stalking strong men, turning them to nothingness…sorry my mind was wondering again… ;D
Seriously though, you need security measures and I suggest not only reading from that link but do some research on Google, learning security is the best defense against anything.



Thanks for the reply. The article link seems to address measures to protect your home network. I have already setup a WPA2 AES encryption with a long character passphrase at home. While my understanding for most of this stuff is limited, I’m not particularly worried about home. I’m just wondering about hotspots and Comodo specifically. For instance, with the Windows Firewall XP SP2, you can check off to disallow file and printer sharing. I believe that ZoneAlarm has a wireless firewall that can do that as well. I was just wondering if Comodo has a similar feature. Is it enough to turn off the Network Control Rules (which seem to turn them all off) and would that keep one from access internet at a hotspot or worse yet, leave one entirely open? I have heard so many good things about Comodo and look forward to using it for a long time.

Perhaps I should restate my inquiry. I am wondering what firewall setting would be safest for hotspot use if the firewall has already been configured to trust a certain range of IP addresses from a home network?

Sorry, lost your post and found it again. While your firewall is set to trust certain IP addresses, I would assume you should configure to trust only the trusted access point if using a hotspot. I wouldn’t leave anything else open in my opinion, but perhaps someone else may suggest otherwise.



I do not have wireless or COMODO firewall, but here is the theory.

When you connect to a hotspot(Maybe create the network connection, and do this before turning it on), in control panel, network connections, find the network connection that is being used to access the wireless access point, right click and goto properties, untick “File and printer sharing” or something like that and untick any of the other services you don’ think you need, i think you only need QOS and TCP/IP ticked.

THis in theory should disable file and printer sharing for that network connection.

Also with the COMODO firewall rule, edit the network rules for the IP address/access point, but only allow FTP,HTTP,HTTPS. That may mean just IN direction or maybe OUT as well, dunno. But someone versed in COMODO Rules will be able to spit them out for you (Not sure how you would go about this).

With the firewall AND the Operating system stopping file/print sharing for that network connection, along with encryption IMO, the best for your situation.

Remember to re-enable if you are using the one LAN connection (IE. you are using Wireless connection 1 for both Hotspots and office) then you will need to re-enable sharing in COMODO AND Windows when in the office.

cheers, rotty