Disable D+/Sandbox selectively for development

is there a possibility to disable D+/Sandbox for certain Folders/file patterns?
On my software development PC dozens of new versions of programs are created per day and they all get sandboxed and sent to Comodo. I can’t find a way to exclude them from D+/Sandbox because the .exe signarute will change constantly…
Any ideas?

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Have you tired to add this exe file in exclusions of Execution Control Settings.

Tell me if that helps.

Valentin N

Yes, go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Add → browse to the file path and Use a Predefined Policy: Installer or Updater. Now Apply the changes.

He wants to know if you can use a wildcard/location to set D+ exclusions.

EDIT: Actually, you can add a new File Group in Defense+ Rules and set custom settings for everything run in that location. You should be able to work something out with that.

Edit2: I don’t think you can avoid the sandbox that way, however.

thanks guys,
it works, no more nagging and sanboxing,
I added some wildcards in D+ → Protected Files & Folders → Groups → Windows Updater Applications.