Disable Comodo Firewall on Local network !

is there a way to disable comodo firewall on my local network !

i use ICS to connect my xbox 360 to xbox live and i tried to add the rules that i found on the forum to make it work but it didn’t … it only work when i stop comodo firwall, i also use TVersity to stream music to my xbox 360 and it doesn’t work too when i turn on comodo firewall

both used to work fine with Zone Alarm with the firewall set to disabled on local network and medium on the internet, it would be really great if someone can tell me how to change comodo firewall settings to match the settings that i used with Zone Alarm … thanks.

it seams that comodo firewall doesn’t have such settings … back to zone alarm for now .

This is the fuction of the wizard “Define a new trusted network”.
Have you tried it?

yes i defined a trusted network and i added the 2 rules to open some ports for xbox live to work but that didn’t work. i need to know the rules that i can add to totally disable the firewall on the local network.