I am using the latest version of the CD, I’m enjoying it too, and do not intend to change browser.
Only I’m having 3 problems:
1 - I can not go with him on twitter. Gives certificate error and does not enter at all. It’s all right on my PC, time and date everything right. But the error continues. Then I have to use another browser. This is annoying, because I abandoned the others to use the CD

2 - Multiple pages are giving error too, has to be refreshing the page to enter. The more that gives the error is facebook.

3 - It is checking for updates all the time. I desmarco there in settings to not look, but he’s still searching for update. I hate it, I like to manually refresh, and not be forced into it. You do not need to do this with you, because the browser is great, will soon be among the best. Already abandoned GOOGLE CHROME rightfully so, for not having options to choose.

I want a resolution to the issue of SCRIPT ERROR, and not to look for updates all the time. I hope to improve this in the next version.

I’m pointing the browser to everyone I know, but please solve this.