Disable antivirus balloon notification

I was wondering if you can disable the ballon notification that pops up each time antivirus definition updates.

I know there’s an option for “show alerts/notification messages”, but according to the CIS user guide, if i disable that i won’t be receiving any virus alert notifications.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I would also like to know if it is possible to disable the cav balloon.
Why wont unchecking the the systray menu item “Display Balloon Messages”
affect this behaviour? Bug?

I would guess it’s meant to stay, I like to see the updates are working, but maybe when they are every hour it will be a bit much. The little arrow that appears on the BOClean icon could be a better way then.

I’m a new user to CIS, and I too have been looking for a way to disable these update balloons. I see in another thread that AV updates are done daily, sometimes several times a day, and I don’t want to be interrupted by these messages. I haven’t had one appear right in the middle of a tricky lap around Monza (as happened regularly with McAfee), but I’m worried it could happen at any time! It would be a good idea to simply animate the systray icon when an update is taking place. As red and green colours are used to show firewall activity, maybe you could get the icon to flash blue? This would not be as distracting as a balloon.

And I agree with the previous poster, turning off balloon messages in the config screen should turn off these messages as well. Or maybe add an extra config option? That would give your customers more flexibility.


Can you post this in the Wishlist? https://forums.comodo.com/gui_graphical_user_interface_wishlist-b149.0/