disable and enable trusted software vendors

I contacted tech support with this question.
I was referred here.

I’m using product versin 5.8.xx.
I can’t find where to disable/enable the setting referred to below.
IF the vendor is on the Trusted Software Vendor List AND the user has enabled ‘Trust Applications that are digitally signed by Trusted Software Vendors’ THEN the application will be trusted and allowed to run.
Can anybody help?

There currently is no way to tell CIS that you do not wish to use the trusted software vendors list, other than opening the list and deleting unwanted entries.

The list is found in Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Trusted Software Vendors.

But there is a FAQ here. :wink:

Just learnt that TVL has some effects even in Paranoid mode, so the vendor.n file trick is needed anyway.

Exploring the possiblity of posting a nearly blank vendor.n at the moment. Better for stability than a dummy file.

NB these tricks are for technically fairly advanced users, so be aware!

Best wishes


Thanks for this info.
Would be interested to see a cut down vendor.n
Do you think it would be possible to create rules that stopped it being automatically updated by Comodo?


I have been thinking about a different way to work the TVL, how about this.

Instead of having one big list, they divide the lists based on regions of the world. By that I mean, each list will have a TVL for the biggest names ( all of the av vendors, MS, firefox, etc) then from there it could be arranged based on where you live. I live in the USA so I have no need for chinese software. Those would not be part of the TVL available for the USA one.

But what if someone from China lives here and uses Chinese software, it would check online at the master TVL and give you a quick pop up that could say " software xyz is a trusted vendor in the cloud, would you like to add it to your local TVL??"

That sounds like a great idea.
Myself, I wouldn’t want the additional components of the local file. So I guess there could be a file available with just the biggest names. Then could just add as required using the pop up. But a least there would be some flexibility which is not really the case at the moment. Anybody got such a file?