(Dis)trusted files keep reappearing in trusted files list

I would like to set up the firewall in such a way as to not let any traffic through, unless I allow it. I have set Comodo to “Custom Policy” to achieve this, which for the largest part seems to work.

However, at least one program keeps getting through -Nikon View NX. No matter how often I remove it from the trusted files list, or move it to Blocked files, it keeps reappearing in the “Trusted files” list. And it keeps phoning home to inform me about updates. Not the worst program to have do this, but if this program can do it, so can many others.

So here is the question: what is going on here, and how can I make sure that only programs that I want to can get through the firewall, and nothing else - no matter how safe and respected the software vendors may be?


Hello caputtski;

Just to verify your issue;

You have Nikon View NX; and it keeps getting added to the Trusted Files List; and As well as getting allowed by the firewall; and you wish to stop this… Correct?


Hi Jake,

Thanks for asking. That is correct.


Please disregard this question. After googling myself silly I finally found out where I can see and modify what applications are allowed or blocked (Network Security Policy / Application Rules). First I assumed that theTrusted Files list under Defense+ was responsible (only obvious list with “blocked” or “allowed” stuff). I think/hope that will solve my problem.

Yes you are correct;
The rules for applications will be listed in the Computer security policy;

If you wish to see the rules in ‘safe mode’ configuration you’ll have to enable “Create rules for safe applications” in Defense+ Settings

So; Application Rules (Defense+) Are in CIS > Defense+ Tab > Computer Security Policy
Application Rules (Firewall) Are in CIS > Firewall Tab > Network Security Policy


To see application rules in safe mode
Defense+ Tab / Firewall Tab > Defense+/Firewall Settings

Hope this helps