DirectX/DirectPlay Ports?

Hello, I do not play much online in matter of fact I truly hate online gaming. However, for the moment could need some help as I have to setup an DirectX/DirectPlay to multiple games through Comodo firewall.

I am using and will not change security policy:
System: Windows 7 - x64
General Settings: ‘Custom Policy’
Alert Frequency: ‘Very High’

Only ports through system are the ‘53’ from svthost.exe to allow internet connectivity everything alse is blocked.

I would need exact settings for Microsoft DirectX 9.0c at Windows 7 x64 and x86 binaries separately, if required:

  • System Application Name (unless the game binary nly needs an forwarding)
  • Ports exact Protocol, IN/OUT, IP addresses can be skipped unless there’s an location DirectX itself has to check network connectivity.

As I also understand different levels of DirectX will require different ports (can be incorrect). Would need all levels 8-11.

Thanks for help advance, if someone got some idea of these already otherwise I need to trial and error all of these which would be sad.