DirectoryPath matching characters??

Hey Folk

I have a short simple question. I have a directory on my machine from witch I block access to the internet.
I specified this directory in a new ApplicationGroup and add a block rule in the firewall security policy for application rules. So far so good.

I noticed in some pre-defined settings for ApplicationGroups that some directory’s use wild-cards e.g. c:\My\Path* ore c:\My\Path*| Hmm these look like regex Star (zero-all) and Pipe (match Left-Right). If that’s the case than I assume that * using all files and folder below the root directory and *| using all files in the root folder but not the one’s below that?

I could not find any information about the meaning of those characters so I’m making a educated guess. Unfortunate Comodo doesn’t come with a Help.chm so asking here.


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Only time I remember this being mention is here hope this helps;msg439099#msg439099

Thank you Dennis that was helpful :slight_smile: