Direct monitor access doesn't alert, instead system freezes for up to 2 minutes!

Extremely frustrating, frightening and horrible denial of service problem. I am assuming that this Computer Monitor Direct Access check is something new?

In any case, anytime an application needs direct access to the monitor as deduced by Defense+ – generally when being minimized to or restored from the taskbar, instead of popping up an alert about it (I am on “paranoid” mode), it HARD freezes the system (only the mouse still moves, but if I click too many times on the frozen screen, even the mouse stops moving) for up to 2 minutes which is may be the amount of time an alert should be staying on the screen but I don’t see any alert popups for this particular issue. I sometimes see it in the Defense+ Event log which is what clued me into why this was suddenly happening to me all over the place. I have to wait with until the system unfreezes to continue to work.

I have ended up disabling this particular check (unchecking Defense+ → Defense+ Settings → Monitoring Settings/Objects to Monitor Against Direct Access/Computer Monitor) and all is well again. This means that I can’t take advantage of this new functionality without killing my computer usage for long periods of time.

I upgraded from 5.5 to 5.8 using the Automatic upgrade procedure without further changes.

It is not a new feature of CIS 5.8, it was present in previous versions as well.

Do you run a 32bits machine? If yes, disable the new feature “enhanced protection mode” which is for 64bits and see if it solve the freezing with Direct Monitor Access enabled.