Direct Keyboard access not allowed for trusted application

I think I have found a bug, but thought I’d try here first to see if I’ve missed something.

I have an application (news reader called Agent by a company called Forte) that I have made a Trusted Application. However, I can’t press Ctrl-V to paste into the application.

Defense+ setting is “Clean PC Mode”. Monitoring settings are all ticked.

“Trusted Application” allows everything, including Direct Keyboard access.

I have checked in Computer Security Policy that the executable is set to Trusted Application.

The executable also exists in “My Own Safe Files”.

I do not have any pending or blocked files.

I have found that I need to untick the global “Direct Keyboard Access” check, which means all applications by default are allowed direct keyboard access.

Is the sandbox enabled? Does the application also show up in My Pending Files? If so try removing it from there and start the application again.

App was not in My Pending Files.

I initially had Sandbox settings enabled, chose to put app into Sandbox.

Although I deleted the app from sandbox, and totally disabled Sandbox settings, the app didn’t work until I restarted it.

It is indeed needed to restart the application when it is unsandboxed.