Direct keyboard access from a game?

I bught few games on steam recently, and noticed that in few games that CIS didn’t recignize, keyboard imput was “ignored”, everything else worked fine. Do I looked at D+ logs and saw “Direct keyboard access” enties from those games (my BB setting is limited), well since I bought them on steam, I added those games to trusted and added them to whitelist thread, and everything works fine. Question is: why did those games required Direct keyboard access? The games are from PopCap, fairly known company. And since it doesn’t really happen that often I thought I’d ask, what’s the deal? Is it old programming technique or something? And basically why would a game require that?

Direct keyboard access is another programming technique. It depends on the intentions of the program using it whether it gets used maliciously or not. I am not a programmer so I cannot comment on programming practices.

The above comment is true for various things HIPS can detect; the actions are potentially malicious but not necessarily. It depends on application using it.