Direct access to keyboard?

Hello, I just recently installed CIS and so far I am happy with it. However, I get warnings about certain applications requesting “direct access to keyboard”. What does this mean? Does the application contain a keylogger?

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before I can answer your question I would like to know what application/programm is trying to access your keyboard; some games can sometimes require that.


Also applications that make use of function, hot-keys or screen capture utilities. If you know the application concerned and have downloaded it from a reputable source Allow the pop up and select “remember my answer”

As Valentinchen said, what apps are doing this would be useful to know.


The 2 apps are notepad.exe and werfault.exe

I have looked what werfault.exe and it’s safe. You can therefore accept the request from these programs/applications.

I recommend you to check the programs/application before you install or accept anything.


Okay. Thanks for your help. But what if i dont wany ANY application to have access to the keyboard and monitor? Is there a rule for this?

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I don’t think so but you can remove the added rule first in firewall in firewall —> Network security Policy —> Application Rules. When you’re finished there you have to go to defense+ —> Defense+ Rules.

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