digsby requests being blocked antivirus v 4.0 comodo

Hi, I am running comodo antivirus 4.0 on win7 and running digsby chat program. It runs fine but on the summary page of comodo it keeps blocking digsby requests under proactive defense, where it says defense plus has blocked xx suspicious attempts so far. Here is the info it says it is blocking - DNS/RPC Client Access under Flags, and under Target it says \RPC Control\DNS Resolver, yet I can right click on the exe in the log and tell it to trust it and it says it is already trusted. This is another odd one, in that same area it says it blocked explorer.exe trying to access memory for your cfplogvw.exe, so why is it acting this way blocking things that are already trusted, even where I just mentioned explorer getting denied to your exe. That makes no sense. Please explain, thank you.