Digital Signature Hacks

Now that digital signatures have been hacked in the wild, I am curious as to Comodo’s response to this.

I am specifically concerned about Comodo’s CIS “whitelisting” capability. I assume they use digitial signatures in this feature to verifiy applications?

In particular does Defense+ use digital signatures to verify “safe” applications?

Hi DonZ ,
Please read this & below & some other threads re:the matter;msg404852#msg404852

Many new “funny” things are coming ;)… rest assured


Perhap Melih didn’t see this:

Thanks for the reply, DonZ

Well, I am sure Melih have seen that already :slight_smile: … but anyway thanks for the link

It’s just interesting that questioning of “dig sigs” & creating huge trusted list ??? was done way & long before … but 88)


unfortunately Verisign (and Equifax, which is also a Verisign owned Root Key under Geotrust) are notoriously slow at responding. just check malware section to see…