Digital signature for a printer (SMIME)

HI, i am trying to find out how i can use certificates with the printers.
Now I have installed on my PC free email certificate and can send digitally signed emails. But for printer it is impossible.
Firstly, i cannot export my email certificate with private key (if try to do it in outlook 2007 then after export your DigitalID has failed). If trying to export from IExplorer(Content->Certificates->Export) then only item “No, do not export the private key” is availale.

When i upload certificate into a printer i can encrypt the recieved message (scanned image) and see encryption icon in Outlook. But signing is unavailable. The reason is that issuer and “from” address are not the same as in uploaded certificate. Or if use self signed certificate Outlook cannot recognize it as trusted sertificate becaus ethe issuer is unknown.

So could you please describe what i have to do to get the valid signature for a Printer device. And what is the procedure for it?


Please submit the ticket in the following link