Digital certificate error installing CIS on windows 10 home 1607

Hi guys and gals!

I update my pc with a fresh install of windows 10 Anniversary, and after that, tried to install CIS.

The antivirus works fine, but during the install I get these messages:

(for those who doesn’t speak portuguese, the message basically says that windows blocked installation of a non digitally signed driver, and did it to the CIS Helper driver, CIS firewall driver and CIS sandbox driver.

After that, I am prompted to restart windows. Doing so, I can now see the CIS Firewall driver enabled on my network adapter properties, but I got no connection at all. Disabling it or uninstalling it, the network (and internet) signal comes alive immediatelly.

I’ve tried to install the driver from “disk” and curiously windows says that the driver has a digital certificate, but doesn’t matter because firewall still doesn’t work. I mean, it works, but disables my network connectivity.

So, I would like some help, because I’ve tried a lot of things, as doing the “clean installation” procedure described on the help topic, and so.

I’m using the latest version of CIS avaiable today (, and I use VBox on this computer too, doesn’t know if it means something…

Hi and welcome lemmermann,
There is some information kindly posted by Eric in the link below that might help explain the issue or cause.
Windows 10 Aniversary build doesn’t allow Comodo drivers to be installed
It is being worked on.

Kind regards.

That is a bummer

I also get this error as you see below, then I get stuff like you see on the 2nd image with internet completely locked forcing me to just plainly uninstall it. Any timeline on resolution ?