Digital Cam pics deleted in camera. Must undelete. How?

I heard that there are free software out there that provides recovery of deleted digital camera pics.

Anyone know of any good ones?

My digital cam is a Canon EOS400D and uses a CF card.

I have downloaded Recuva(Free) from Piriform and DDR(Trial) from

So far, I cannot get the digicam to get detected by any of these two softwares.

I can’t get the digicam to be detected in my laptop as a “Mass Storage Device.”

Without a solution, I will have to buy a card reader/writer.

I’m not aware of recovery tools that can communicate with specific drivers from specific makes of camera’s.
You’ll need a card reader to recover your data…

try these before you buy a card reader.
Those programs work fine with many digital cameras without using a card reader.
It can directly connect your digital camera.
If it doesn’t recognize your digital camera, buy a card reader.(it’s very cheap, under $10)


2.PicaJet Photo Recovery - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download