Difficulty with unblocking network zone

I recently had CPF get corrupted in some way. In order to solve the problem I reinstalled and now it starts up properly. However I now have a problem with networking in that it seems to block all network traffic on startup. I believe I have set up the correct network zones for my network card and set up rules for allowing incoming and outgoing packets.

Currently I have a work-around at startup whereby I temporarily disable Firewall security and then I repair my local area network connection. This then obtains a valid IP address and I can renable Firewall security which then runs fine until I close down when the process starts again.

Comodo is built into Windows kernel so it is designed to block all traffic while booting up.

No doubt that is true. My problem is that, unless I unblock the network manually in the way described, I will not be able to gain any network access no matter how long I wait. For ever, is a very long time!