Difficulty replying to emails with digital certificates

Some of my friends who have received emails from me with digital signature attached have difficulty replying.

When they click reply, they get a window saying they need a certificate with a link to the comodo certificate sign-up page. The only way to disable is to goto “Options” and untick “reply with certificate” for each email.

Question: How do i stop others getting the “You need a certificate email”. Is it something in CSE or their email program/provider?

Eric Cryptid,
could you please provide more details, which e-mail client(s) and CSE version do you and your friends use? it is needed to reproduce the problem and define which functionality has been broken.
thanks for the feedback!

Both PCs use Outlook (I think we’re both 2003). And both running Vista. I’m the only one using CSE (Latest version). I’ve yet to be able to replicate the problem myself. Still investigating what exact setup is on the other person’s computer and chasing some of my other friends to see if they have the same issue.

Will keep posted as investigation continues.


A friend using Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.5512 had problem replying too. I told him to uncheck Sign before sending the reply.

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