Difficult topic, yes: Death sentence - what's your personal opinion on that?

There’s quite some states inside the US who still have certain variants on killing certain people existing. Well, you can read about death sentencing in the US of A almost everyday here in the European newspapers. China also seems to stick daily to that archaic / anachronistic formula (just my opinion), maybe even more than those certain US states.
Yet, there’s also quite a good bunch of US states who’ve totally abolished that kind of killing by “jurisdictional” decision.

Now, what are your thoughts on that?

I’ve heard lots of pro’s and con’s on that in my life, yet NOW I’m more interested in YOUR opinions on that.

Yes or no? Is it right? If so, why? Is it wrong? If so, why?

I am quite aware that this might appear as a somewhat “scary” topic to some people, yet I think it’s totally necessary to be openly discussed.

Thank you.


I personally think it’s morally wrong, but the major no-no is that there are too many mistakes and miscarriages of justice. And as far as the US is concerned, 20-30 years on deathrow is just not acceptable in a civilised society. (I am in UK)

In principle I support it. In practice I’m against it. I worry too much about the state executing the wrong person. It’s happened before and it will happen again.

Against it for various reasons. It is morally not sound to kill somebody while you oppose killing; in that sense it legitimizes the same rage that the proponets want to see punished. Errors get made in the legal system and this one cannot be unmade. It does not work.

I made a post on the subject last night and deleted it. I didn’t want to seem hateful even when it was my true opinion. I’m 100% in agreement with the death penalty. If you kill someone, especially the young or elderly then you should suffer the same. A price must be paid. With what Cassette said that would be my only holdup. I’d rather see a guilty man go free than a innocent man go to prison. If there was undeniable proof that a person was guilty of such a horrible crime then yes. I say kill 'em. What more does someone like that deserve ?

" I’m a great believer in karma, and the vengeance that it serves up to those who are deliberately mean is generally enough for me. " - Beth Ditto