Difficult to send PM to multiple people

Hello, I’ve had a few problems using this forum, but switching to CD from Firefox actually solved them for me… until now. :-[

I was attempting to send PM’s to people. I was sending one at a time. I was able to send the first without a problem, but when I went to send the second I had a problem. When I click to send the message I am greeted with the message ‘The last posting from your IP was less than 1 seconds ago. Please try again later’. This is not a one time problem.

It appears that the only way to solve this is to wait a while (at least 20s or more) before clicking send. Has anyone else experienced this problem? ???

The problem I had before was when I went to log in to my account I would have to wait a while before submitting the information or I would get the same message. I don’t have this problem anymore.

I’m running the newest beta of CD, Windows 7 x64, and have only CIS Premium installed.

Happens also when posting. Just relog. Or use IMs instead if you see people who you intend to message use them.