Differentiated Updates

Is there any thought being given to refining the way update notices are handled between the two products (firewall - AV). Many users install the firewall with D+ but not the AV.

It would be helpful if when an update only applies to the AV for the Updater to not alert the user to install the newest update.

Just a thought.

FTR, I think Comodo is finest firewall, free or commercial, in the marketplace today. For geeks like me it allows truly fine-grained degree of control with greatest ease. For non-techie users its defaults provide better than industry-standard protection. So it really is the best of both worlds. I’m also a fan of Outpost Pro for consumer-level users, but the free version is substantially inferior to Comodo so I rarely find myself working with it.

Many thanks for your work and your contribution to the community.

Glenn Caleval