Differential sign of the sandbox? [RESOLVED]


My question: if I run a program in Comodo Sandbox-has the “sandboxed running” any differential sign?

If I use the Sandboxie program, I see a # sign of the header of the program window.


No, but this has been suggested!

You’ll find everything you have manually sandboxed in ‘Programs in the sandbox’. Automatically sandboxed stuff will be in My Pending Files, amongst everything else you have submitted. Have a look at the Intro to the Sandbox (see my signature) and Sandbox Faqs for more info.

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Your queries now seem to now been resolved. I’ll lock this topic and mark as [RESOLVED] should you have any further queries relating to this specific issue please PM an online Moderator and the topic can then be re-opened. If you have any other queries or issues please create a new topic.