Differential Bakup from DVD

As far as I knew there was an “archived bit” in files that could be used to control what was backed up and what wasn’t. Is it still the same? I remember this from the days I used specialized tape drives and software to back up the LAN under my supervision.

I just made a new diff backup (that is the same as a Full one) to a DVD, but when I try to do a diff backup using the previous one as a source I can’t choose the DVD drive!. So, I was wondering, why the archived bit isn’t used?

Thanks for any help


Relying on the archive bit for backing up files can be unreliable if multiple backup programs setting and clearing the attribute bit on the same volume. This is why CB uses date last changed, to be sure.

The issue with the DVD drive which can’t be selected as source will be fixed in next release.
You can check the new BETA here: https://forums.comodo.com/beta-corner-cb/comodo-backup-40-beta-released-t73213.0.html