Differential Backup running as Full Backup

I am using version 4.0.7 of Comodo Backup, and as my goal, I am looking to perform a differential backup from my last full backup. I am backing up items from a NAS to a backup drive (Y Drive) that is connected to my desktop via USB (K Drive). To reach my goal, I successfully created a full backup on the K Drive, last week, using a separate full backup job. This week, I am looking to perform a differential backup that is based on this full backup. So, I created a differential backup job with the following parameters on Step 1: Backup Type is differential, chosen from a specific base which is the full backup I created last week, residing on K Drive.

Every time I run this differential backup job, it wants to create a full backup despite being pointed to a specific base (last full backup). Please help me understand what I might be doing wrong. I do appreciate your insights.

Please post the log of the backup operation and the compressed logs in %TEMP%\ComodoLogsFolder so we can find the cause of the issue.


Hello Mr. Sescu,

The requested logs are attached for your review. I do appreciate your help, again!


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It seems to be an issue with differential backup. You can use incremental backup instead.
The problem will be fixed in next release.