Differential backup by command line is not differential


I try to make a differential backup with the following command line:

“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO BackUp\CBU.exe”
/compressionlevel maximum
/destinationtype destinationtypediskfile
/log_method “create”
/diskusage high
/processorusage high
/type filesandfolders
/source “C:\”
/exclusionfilter “.tmp|.bak|hiberfil.sys|pagefile.sys”
/destinationpath “X:\Backups\Hugo\Differential\20101020_FF.cbu”
/log_file “X:\Backups\Hugo\Differential\20101020_FF.log”
/backuptype differential
/parent_backup_storage_type destinationtypediskfile
/parent_backup_path “X:\Backups\Hugo\Normal\20101020_FF.cbu”
/description “Differential backup of files and folders”

Note: For this post I separated the command line in individual options for readability, the actual command given was one (huge) line.

The result: a backup was made, however it looks like a full backup (size is the same as the full backup made 10 minutes earlier).

What did I do wrong?

Comodo Backup v. 3.0.164972.96
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit


The command /backuptype should be /backup_type as it is specified in the Comodo BackUp user guide - Comodo Help. Also, if you want to perform a restore operation please make sure that both backup files (full and differential) are located in the same folder, otherwise the restore process will fail.

Thank you for your support!


Thanks. I overlooked that. It had me stumped.
Also thanks for your tip about the location of the backup files, I would certainly had a problem there as well.

Jaap Berkhout.