Different versions of upcoming CIS 4 (merged topic)

During translation of the installation files I’ve noticed that CIS 4 will be released if few different versions:

Comodo Internet Security Free

What differences they will have? Any important license changes?

wooo that’s SOMETHING!

any official statement from the board of programmers???

That would explain the “Free” in the GUI that everyone’s commented on… ;D

This is very interesting. Maybe there will be a basic version like V3, without sandbox and BB and whatever. Just good old FW and Defense+. Fingers crossed.

But… if one version is free that means the others will be paid.

I’m not so optimistic… I’d go with… no more totally Free here… + the free being skinned down to basics like outpost free…sad

I know I know you guys need to bring home some groceries too…


We have to wait until someone from Comodo Staff will answer. However in my opinion those version will differ:

-Live Support
-Free version maybe will be restricted only for home users?

CIS 4 Free Beta has everything what has to have. I mean Sandbox, Firewall, CAV, CTM…I do not believe Comodo will rip something out.

I agree. It wouldn’t do COMODO any favours in doing so but I’m curious as to what the other versions may contain over the free/pro versions.


Here’s hoping that this is the case. I don’t want a suit of stuff I’ll never use.

The silence is hurting my ears (eyes) whatever you know what I mean! ;D

This looks a bit like Avast 5.0 product line.
Could it be that CIS is going comercial?

May be the prov verison is the fully fledged suite with sandbox, BB, CIMA integration… the Plus may have live support… and Complete Live support plus Trustconnect?

We haven’t heard anything about this. Let’s see if Melih stops by,

Interesting for me too. ???

;D I’m too for this.

Hey Jose,

Not picking on you, but two of your posts focus erroneously on one aspect of CIS.

This looks a bit like Avast 5.0 product line. Could it be that CIS is going comercial?

Like it already is, you mean??

Just like it is now - CIS and CIS Pro. :wink: 88)

Ewen :slight_smile:

Like it already is, you mean??
Just like it is now - CIS and CIS Pro.

Err there is more then free and pro up there Panic there is complete and plus so it seems he is not the only one focusing erroneously on one aspect of CIS or in your case the free and pro versions.

I think the mods have been told to default deny ha ha ha ha ha ha. :-TU (Sorry I could not help myself!)

That was a good one.

All I was trying to point out was that, right now, CIS already is a commercial product with multiple price models - one free version and one paid for version, with the core technology being identical and the differentiator being added services in the paid for version.

Jose’s post could have been interpreted that V4 was going to introduce a commercial aspect, but that aspect already exists in V3.

I don’t believe that Comodo will make the V4 Free version a nobbled version and only make the full technology available in a paid for version. I, like most, would hate to see that happen.

Ewen :slight_smile: