Different Themes for CIS 6

In CIS 5.10. you could change the theme of you user interface. I would like to have the option to change the colors of the main interface like in CIS 5.10.

Oh yeah! +1! Please make them Comodo GUI staff :slight_smile:

I like the idea of themes for CIS 6, maybe an Aero theme for Windows 7 users, or a theme with the same font Kaspersky Internet Security uses, I kind of like their font.

Great idea.more themes would be excellent.5.10 got them eventually.so fingers crossed that v6 gets some and will be ready for a fashion parade. lol. ;D ;D ;D

Yeah please could we have a windows 7 theme!!!

+1 Voted yes. But after 6.3 I think we will have this, like version 5 after 5.3. So let’s wait :P0l

I think the interface are overcharged “advanced options” appears one time and other in every menu, and i think is convenient can changue the interface colors whith some packs like kaspersky ferrary edition. Comodo always are very atractive to the view and the restriction in colors make it monotone i vote for can changue or control interface incluse remove or ad usable buttuns (i think isthe rigth word). I am in this comunity always opine have great day all

I miss the blue theme of CIS 5. I love the colours of Kingsoft AV GUI.

I would like to see the red theme for CIS 6 >:-D

Oh… NO, it will remind me of CIS 4… the only version of CIS that I hate it just because of the theme >:-D

LOL! CIS logo is red… Comodo’s official colour is red… And also my laptop is red… So it would do nicely… While you can use other themes :slight_smile: Plus it would be much better I think with CIS 6 GUI :slight_smile:

I cannot see any reason why not have selectable themes again.
Good idea. :-TU

with as more selectable options as it’s possible
it would be like painting GUI
creating new variants

Well if is like this, ok for you +1 red themes :wink:

From what I saw in comodo themes folder I believe after 6.3 we will see some nice theme again. :-TU