different size CIS setup files

what the difference between these 2 setup files? one is 40+ mb and on is 140+ mb !!

The 40 MB seem to be incorrect 88)

May be 40 MB is without additional softwares.

The setup is actually app 45-50 MB but with additional softwares the size is double to triple.

140+MB is a full x86/x64 installer;
40+MB seems like extracted standalone MSI installer, x86 or x64.

[i][b]mb[/b] means millibit, megabyte is [b]MB[/b][/i] ;D

TheSoftpedia page you linked states that it is for the 64 bits version. When going to the download page you get the choice to get the 32 or 64 or the combined installer.

In case of doubt simply check the Comodo signature under the Properties of the installer file. If it is valid you have an official Comodo installer.