Different rules for java depending what application use it

I have updated my firewall recently from v2 to v3.
Now I have configured it for almost every program. Only for java I dont know how I can do it.
In version 2 I had different rules for java depending who the parent is.

e.g. parent: eclipse → allow all traffic
parent: cmd → allow udp/tcp in/out for localhost

parent: explorer → block all

In the new version the parent detection is seperated from the firewall and I don’t know how to configure it, that it work like in the old version.

I hope it is still possible and look forward to your answer.

no answer :frowning:
is there no possibility to solve my problem?
when yes than please tell me that.


I’ve been using v2 for a while, but i already forgot it ;D Anyway, i guess there are some limitations in v3. You can make only one ruleset for java (allow all traffic or allow udp/tcp in/out for localhost etc.) under network policy, and allow certain apps (which need access to it) to execute it (computer security policy).

thanks for the answer.

that is exactly what I afraided.
than I’ll keep my configuration as it is… allow tcp/udp in/out for localhost

I really appreciate if the parent depending rules find the way back to comodo firewall.
The best way I can imagine is as an optional ability.
So that everyone can decide from rule to rule if you want a rule independent from the parent application or not.