Different rights for different users

Good day.

I’ve recently switched over from Zone Alarm 8.x to COMODO Firewall. So far I like what I see. ZA has parental controls (blocking p0rn, gun sites, alchohol, drugs, etc.) This was not too bad, except that it was all or nothing. With that I mean, that if a computer has several users that use it regularly - mom, pop, kids - then it became a pain to go in and disallow these parenting ‘filters’ for a particular user.

So 2 questions: a) Does COMODO plan on adding something similar? and if so, then b) Will COMODO allow different web ‘access rights’ for each user, to be set by an official ‘COMODO firewall administrator’ (for lack of a better description).

I feel that for the many (millions) of computers out there that are being shared by families that something like this would be a godsend. Zone Alarm was close, but their I think their architecture got in the way. Norton (I’ve heard) does have something like this, but Norton’s architecture is so %$#'d up that it causes more harm than good. NetNanny and others I think would work, but cost $$. And I don’t know how well they play with applications such as ZA, Norton, or COMODO.



Hi Reed, welcome to the Comodo forums, while you await a response on your query on whether Comodo plans to develop or extend a protection per your interest try this free program in the mean time: http://www.paretologic.com/products/pgsurfer/index.aspx
Regards, welcome and cheers: Beer
Xman (:KWL)