different languages and an automatic update virus

Hello I have a question about whether someone creates language to Comodo Internet Security? Because as narazie version is available only English, not German, Italian, Spanish, etc. … ai whether an option can be done with automatic virus database updates, for example, every 6 hours and that the display window with an updated database of viruses?

Hello. :slight_smile:

Currently, the only language available is English, but other languages will eventually be added (I think they are currently working on them).

And yes, COMODO anti virus always checks for updates on boot up and then again every so often (this is built into CIS and there is currently no configuration needed or available).


I use the Comodo Internet Security 3.8 Beta and like to be updated from time to time, but can not see any frame with the notice to update the base, I think that a well-by to add something like this in a stable version and the names of viruses added to the database.

There are two ways to do this:

On summary page, click the linked date in the Virus Defense box or go to Antivirus > Update Virus Database.

BTW, the beta doesn’t have a real database. it’s a test version.