Different language in CPF

How do I change the language in cpf? I have downloaded the files of spanish LA but dont know how to make them work.


You should see a “Language” button on the top of the application window. Clicking that will provide a drop-down menu of all available languages (this has been there since Beta version; make sure you are current). This is where you can make changes to the language.

You may need to stop and restart CPF in order to make the changes set. To do this, right-click the CPF systray icon, choose “Exit.” Follow the prompts to shut down the program. Then go to Start/Programs/Comodo/Firewall/Comodo Firewall to restart CPF.

They have been working on a way to have the language changes set up as you go, rather than the stop/start method; I do not know if they have been able to do so at this point or not.

Hope this helps,


Yes I have the language button but the only available language is english… :S please helppp

What version of CPF do you have?

Where did you download the LA Spanish add-on? (which topic/thread?) BETA

HAve downloaded it from: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,2624.15.html

Muchas Gracias, Federico.

Lo ciento por las problemas. Yo hablo Espanol, pero solo un mas poquito. In fact, that’s probably about it… :wink: Pues…

It looks like what you downloaded for LA Spanish is probably just to check the translation accuracy? I’m not for sure.

LA Spanish was released with Beta version, which is available here: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,4304.0.html; it’s Item #2 in Umesh’s first post. There are two entries there; the first one is the “Addon” of the language only. The second is the full package of CPF English and LA Spanish together.

I had that thought that with each release, the previous languages were automatically included; but if you have and no LA Spanish, I must be incorrect.

If you attempt to add LA SPanish to, I do not know if that will work or not… You might have to use until the final CPF 2.4 release later this month (presuming it stays on schedule). The final release of v 2.4 will include all 13 languages.


Lot of thanks Little Mac for your help… So I will stick to the latest beta version, no matter is in english, and will wait for the final version.

Again, lot of thanks.