different ip address


got a question (again),
i open www.ip-address.com,and it shows me my ip adrress. but why it’s different from my ip address showed in this forum? (the last two digits).

edit : why ===> when i tried to change connection between phone cable to pc card, the ip address in this forum stay the same.


  1. Where do you see the IP in this forum?
  2. Clear the cache
  1. on bottom right.
  2. ok
    thx Pedro*

But did that do the trick?

i don’t know yet (:TNG), i use same connection since my first post

edit :done clear the cache, but didn’t change anything

just checking
maybe the ip address shown in this forum is recorded on each post when we’re posting it,not in realtime we’re entering this forum.

edit : yep, my guess is right, but the 2 last digits difference between the forum and www.ip-address.com remain a mystery ;D


One of them rounds up the last octect to the nearest tenth.

Try ipconfig or check CFP GUI

PS: I bs’d the part about the rounding up. I have no idea ;D

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checking again, would it be different too.(CFP & ip-address.com). is it OK rounding up ip address like that? i’ve read on wiki, that ip address is like our home address.then how we could locate someone (let say annoying intruder like Vu**an ;D ) if the ip address isn’t shown exactly.