Different configuration settings for different windows user accounts in CIS

Hi all,

  1. It would be very useful if CIS can store different configurations for different windows user accounts.

This way we can set the admin account to have all the popups and notifications as he/she can manage them; at the same time other users will have a silent configuration with no popups and all automatic pre-configured decisions (this can be done in CIS 5.8 beta, with a few exceptions). We can as well fine tune the configurations per a particular user’s needs/comfort.

  1. We are already informed that Comodo Secure DNS is getting Parental Control/ Content Filtering. This is a happy news. Even this needs to be configured differently for different users.

If we have a Secure DNS user account per system basis, it would increase the complexity of using Content Filtering (Indeed, I need to control my children/staff from opening some sites, but I need to be able to open them). I can not regularly change the DNS settings back and forth to be able to do that.

Please implement this in future betas or CIS 6.

I have also added a poll on this topic, please vote.