Currently I am on the free Comodo Internet Security Premium (according to the tooltip in the notification area). I am browsing the site but I find it confusing to find the information I need. I wanted to see if I found it worth to buy the product if it offers me functionality I need or provide better protection.

Unfortunately ‘premium’ is not found on your site (I asume it is simply called ‘Comodo Internet Security’) and the description from the three products are different but without clearly stating the advantage of one of the other. I feel like they are the same but just different words.

I wish there was a product comparison table like you have for your antvirus software:

Can anyone help me understand what the real advantages are of the three CIS products?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum Inflatablemouse :slight_smile:

Please read here it might help you


Ah yes, very good.

I am puzzled though why the website makes it so hard while in reality, the differences are very easy.

Thanks for the quick response Dennis.