difference between

partially limited and limited? Had cis4 for a while and now im onto the beta, what is the difference though?


Hi guys…this is my first post on the forum. Sorry to ■■■■ in, had no idea where to post this question.
Had a notification pop up on screen today. “Oops! comodo has a bug, and has to close etc.,”
What is this all about?

Partially limited does not apply all limitations the OS provides. But to strengthen protection certrain files and folders are protected so the sandbox cannot write to them. That can be seen because the | symbol is placed behind the path under Protected Files and Folders. For example: %windir%*|

Egemen, the head developer, commented in the mod board they had tested the partially limited setting with 15,000 pieces of malware and none of them had come through.

You found a bug. Consider submitting it. That’s what comes with running a beta. :slight_smile:

how unfortunate that I did and already sent the sample to Egemen , the Partially limited sandbox level did allow an unwanted behavior which is " changing the administrator password to a certain one .However , the same can’t be said for the limited sandbox level at which the sample couldn’t achieve that …

I don’t understand it is unfortunate you had sent that sample to egemen. ??? You found a serious flaw and reported it. :-TU

When did you send it to him? egemen’s comment was made when we, the mods, were testing a mod only preview version (before the beta release).

how unfortunate that I did , found a bug or whatever its , and I , then , sent the sample to egemen.
I tried to link my reply to egemen statement ,which I’m really aware that’s before BETA , with what happened to me , that’s pretty much it .
And it’s an unfortunate because no body likes seeing a security software, or any other software or tool , failing in whatever it’s doing,while he is recommending it , even if it’s a partial bug or a tiny one , and from what i know comodo is trying to reach the perfection , even though nobody actually can ! , so helping them would be the least I can do. :-TU

a top notch software for free doesn’t exist if comodo.com wasn’t online :wink:

thanks again !!

regards abdullah