difference between windows application and trusted application ?

hello comodo masters,

like it’s written in the subject i wanted to know if there was a difference between windows system application and trusted application in DEFENSE+
or trusted application got more rights or less than the other ?

They are still the same currently, as they have always been in the past. Maybe spaceholders for future expansions, or Comodo just never improved the definitions.

thanks :wink:

Hopefully Melih can comment on this as there is no difference according to our predefined policy’s

In CIS there is a difference Windows System Application has this entry in Run a executable which means it does not ask for executable in the whitelist? or all?
Trusted Application does not have this entry so will ask.
Screenshot below.
EDIT This is my guess about whitelist I might be quite wrong.

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Hmm - I see what you mean Dennis. Though I wonder why it doesn’t show up as allow in stead of ask… Seeing as that it according to your screen shots is alow to run other executables

Sorry I edited my post to include whitelist? not all, if you look in All Applications you will see some entries like this.
Less Alerts.
EDIT This is my guess about whitelist I might be quite wrong.

I was just looking at the registry settings of “Trusted” compared to “Windows system app” and noticed Trusted has only 14 entries where as Windows system app has 15.
Wonder what this refers to? Could be the whitelist as you say Dennis.

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