Difference between Vitual Dragon and Kiosk ?

Hello, getting the hang of cis now, but being abit of a dummy with this stuff, can someone educate me on the following so i know what level of protection i have ? ;

  1. I now have the Virtual Comodo Dragon Browser on my desktop. Is that basically the same as Google chrome with its built in sandbox or something different ?

  2. Whats the difference between the Virtual Comodo Dragon and Virtual kiosk and what part of your system do they each protect you on ?

  3. What were each of the two generally designed for ? eg is the kiosk generally for everyday use/browsing ?

  4. If i do alot of downloading stuff in the Kiosk and then close the kiosk what traces/files are left on my machine assuming i havent saved anything ?

Thanks for any help

  1. both google chrome and comodo dragon are based on chromium, so they have similar functionality but comodo has taken a more secure approach to the browser. Here is some more info about whats different about dragon then chrome

  2. When you say virtual comodo dragon its referring to dragon being sandboxed as fully virtualized. The virtual kiosk is also a fully virtual environment. They share the same sandbox the biggest different is the virtual kiosk has a user interface for the sandbox to make it easier to use. The files are stored in a hidden file in the C: drive called VTRoot. Anything that is sandboxed as fully virtualized will be in this folder.

  3. They are designed as a safe environment totally isolated from your real system. It can be used for banking since you cant be keylogged.

  4. Yes everything will be saved in that folder i mention above. if you want to clear all that data then you go into CIS and click tasks → sandbox tasks → and clear sandbox. this will delete all the contents of your sandbox.

Hi wasgij6. Are you saying that the virtualized browser and the Kiosk both have the same security for banking. I was wondering if both the virtualized dragon and the Kiosk protected banking in the same way. I was just curious. Hope this is not off topic.

To get maximum protection against key-logging make sure to use the virtual keyboard.

Okay Ronny. I was just not sure if the Kiosk was more secure than the virtualized Comodo Dragon. Thanks for the reply.

Is it still possible to get keylogged in the Kiosk if you use the physical keyboard? ???

Difficult to, there is keylogging protection in Kiosk, but as malware evolves it might be possible at sometime.

Thanks for the clarification Ronny.