Difference between virtualized Comodo Dragon and normal Comodo Dragon?

I have been on this forum for over one hour now and still have not figured out how it works. Boy am I frustrated with this. I made the assumption that I was to look for FAQs in the sticky topic section and I cannot for the life of me find such a thing here. I click on help and can’t get any help on the subject of sticky topic. My frustration level is out the top of the meter which does not help me at all.
I really need a simple novice guide that describes in simple terms how to navigate the forum and how to ask questions and expect to get answers.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks Lane#1

I see that others have read my plea for assistance with navigation on this site. What I have not seen are the answers? Maybe there are none? Maybe everyone on the forum is as much in the DARK as I am.
Or maybe I should just ask my question here? Do you think the moderators will boot me for being uneducated on the operation of this forum? There are not even any headers at the top of the page that tells what the little icons mean at the right hand side of the post page or what ever they want it called.

I can do even more than that. :wink:

What questions do you have? I will either do my best to answer them or I can move this topic where it will get the most visibility.

The question I had when I first logged in here is:

What is the difference between “virtual Comodo Dragon” and “Comodo Dragon?”

But of course that question took a back seat to the question of “how to navigate the forum?” I think I really am too old to figure this out on my own.

No problem at all. I’ll both give you a short answer and move this topic to a better location.

The Virtualized version of Comodo Dragon will work exactly the same as the normal Comodo Dragon except it will be run within the fully virtualized sandbox which comes with Comodo Internet Security (CIS). Thus, CIS must be installed in order to run Comodo Dragon virtualized.

Also, this means that any malware which you encounter while using Comodo Dragon virtualized will not be able to harm your real system. After restarting your computer there is essentially no way which malware can affect you. You are safe.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask.