Difference between 'remove' and 'move to my safe files' in Pending Files

What is the difference between “REMOVE ing” files and “MOVE TO MY SAFE FILES” in the PENDING FILES listing?

Removing just takes the application off of the pending list, move to my safe files tells CIS that you now consider that application safe.

I’m sorry i’ll have to revive this thread again, but i still not really understand the difference between rmoving files from “Pending files” and moving files to “My Safe files”.
From what i read in this forum, it seems that there is no differende between these two actions. It seems that if i remove files from “Pending files” with D+ set to “Clean PC Mode”, the effect is the same as if i move them to “My Safe files”. Is that true?

‘Remove’ will take the files off of the list, but doesn’t say they are considered safe by you. (You may receive another popup when they are used again).
‘Move to my Safe List’ will take the files and place them in a list of files you consider to be safe (CIS won’t bother you about them again).

Does this help you any?

Thank you very much. That helps :slight_smile: