Difference between "Optimum" and "Maximum" Proactive Defense? [RESOLVED]

In the new CIS product, what is the difference, functionally and specifically, between “Firewall with Optimum Proactive Defense” and “Firewall with Maximum Proactive Defense+”?

The FAQ and help files don’t say, and the installer just gives a meaningless blurb on the subject.

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Read here for info. (mod: link broken)


Thanks 3xist. I had a default installation of CIS. Now, after reading your post and guidelines, I have enabled computer monitor and keyboard monitoring (except disks). Is there any other setting that I should change to make it maximum? Or shall I uninstall and reinstall as maximum security and update to .427?

A re install is not required. :slight_smile:

Right click on the tray icon (little white shield) Select “Configuration” and click on “COMODO - Proactive Security” This enables all D+ Settings to full.


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