Difference between Incognito and Virtual browsing?

hope im in the right spot,difficulty navigating through here. i have 2 questions

  1. how do virtual and incognito differ
    2)if i use incognito why does the login/password on every app require manual typing,i remember previous version did not do this,but it works fine as long as im not incognito.

Hi drensmith,
1-a) Virtual mode is running the browser in a fully virtualized environment (Sandboxed) isolated from the real system, this can help against online threats.
Using Comodo Dragon in Virtual Mode
Note: Comodo Internet Security V6.X is required to run in virtual mode.

1-b) Incognito mode is for privacy and leaves no traces of browsing data or history etc.
Using Comodo Dragon in Incognito Mode

2)Passwords full under browsing traces, see answer 1-b).

Kind regards.

so, if i used dragon and went on settings and made the “right” settings,wouldent dragon then be incognito? i am aware of incognito option. just wonderd if any difference.

Sorry I am not sure what you asking.

Incognito mode set to run at start-up from the advanced settings or selecting open in a new incognito window will both run in incognito mode.

so if i run virtual or plain dragon, they are both sandboxed?

Incognito mode doesn’t keep track of what you’ve done during a session. It is not virtualization.

is regular dragon sandboxed?

Well, Chromium (which Dragon is based on) has a built-in access restriction sandbox, so if you want to consider that to be sandboxed, then yes.

But if you are talking about the virtualized sandbox in CIS, no, Dragon will not be running inside the sandbox unless you use Virtual Mode or one of the other options to run an application in the sandbox.

hate to “bug” you but 1 more question…
what is kiosk? found very little about it on this forum. how does it differ from virtual?
sorry im trying to see how this all works

The Kiosk is a virtual desktop environment. You can install applications inside the Kiosk to try them out, and after you’re finished, you can reset the sandbox and the application will be gone.

You can learn more from the help file here: Virtual Kiosk.

thank you

ok…kiosk up n running. is kiosk ok to use for everyday chat n stuff? i heard the firewall is inactive while kiosk is running. is that true?

Yes, you can use the Kiosk for everyday stuff.

The firewall is active while using the Kiosk.

one more stupid question,using kiosk, does it give me an extra layer of protection or, is it same protection i have using cis?

Yes it gives you an extra layer of protection.

Any processes started in the Kiosk will be virtualized. This means they are kept separate from your normal file system. If anything bad happens in there, you can just reset the sandbox and your normal system will be unaffected.

thank you for all of your help

You are welcome. Let us know if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

is cis 6.3.3 the latest version? if not, do automatic updates bring me “up to par?” couldent find proper spot to ask this question. thanks